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Starting off the New Year with six planets in Capricorn, the climate will feel similar to the late s and early s, when we experienced many mergers. As long as the republicans stay in power, you will witness more mergers akin to the Ronald Reagan years where big fish eats big fish.

That is the tone. Having said that, with Saturn in Capricorn, Capricorns have been exposed in the news as of late because they are being tested. They are all Capricorns, they are all under great pressure and they are all being tested. When Saturn was in Sagittarius, the publishing and broadcasting industries were heavily tested and in turn had to reinvent themselves. Now, those industries and those in such careers will blossom.

Capricorn October 2019 Horoscope ♑️ Gregory Scott Astrology

This time, with Saturn in Capricorn, the financial industries will be tested. Uranus is moving into Taurus on March 6th to say until July 7th This is the first time since Will this affect us significantly? SM: This is an exciting period. When you have Uranus in a sign, it is where you will see the greatest innovation. Taurus represents money and agriculture. We will begin to look at money differently, as well as examine the food supply. Taurus is also a practical sign. These are all compatible signs. This period flows better than when Uranus was in Aries.

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Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is moving out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius on November 8, to stay for 13 months until December 2, How will each sign be affected in ? Saturn was in Sagittarius from December 23, to December 19, Sometimes the cycle works in reverse, where you experience the goodness first and the hardships thereafter.

During this cycle we experienced the difficulty first and were tested. Now, we can reap the benefits. Aries will get to travel far and wide. Jupiter is the planet of miracles, so if you do not have the money to travel, opportunities could arise through your boss sending you on a work trip, you winning a contest, etc. Aries can also use this time to go back to graduate school and receive aid. Taurus has been worried about money and had concerns they were not saving enough. You need a nest egg. Fortunately, now the money will come in and you will feel so much more secure.

Taurus will be able to save quite a bit, and some will be able to purchase a home. Gemini is most likely to marry. If already married, you and your partner will excel. You will do well by teaming up with an agent, manager, publicist, lawyer, accountant, etc. Partnerships are favored. Gemini should not try to do things on their own, instead use this time to team up. Cancer is going to do very well with work assignments. If self-employed, the work keeps coming. Work assignments will have legs and take you to more sophisticated projects.

Health will improve. However, with Saturn opposition the Sun, Cancer needs to take care of themselves. Leo has such a nice year ahead. With Jupiter in the 5th house of love, you can meet the love of your life.

If attached, you can adopt a baby or find a surrogate to carry your baby. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, a fellow fire sign, the sky is the limit for Leo.


Virgo has been worried about their home life or taking care of a parent. This year, it goes from black to white. You will get the greenlight to move to a large spacious residence within your price range. You will also receive family support. Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world. See Another Sign's Monthly Horoscope:.

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astrozone capricorn horoscope Astrozone capricorn horoscope
astrozone capricorn horoscope Astrozone capricorn horoscope
astrozone capricorn horoscope Astrozone capricorn horoscope
astrozone capricorn horoscope Astrozone capricorn horoscope
astrozone capricorn horoscope Astrozone capricorn horoscope
astrozone capricorn horoscope Astrozone capricorn horoscope

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