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Palmistry: Popularly known as palm reading, palmistry is a practice that involves analyzing the shape and texture of hands, the formation of lines and markings on the palm along with certain mounts to foretell the future. Nadi astrology: This is an ancient form of astrology, based on the belief that the past, present, and future of all people has already been foretold and documented on palm leaves by sages in the bygone times.

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These sages recorded their visions which are now read by Nadi astrologers. Tarot card reading: Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, where each card comes with its own symbolism, story, and imagery. Tarot card readers use this deck of cards to gain insight into the past, present and even future of an individual.

This is done by asking a question and then drawing a card and finally interpreting the imagery on it. This branch of astrology deals with the connections between numbers and the events that take place in the life of an individual.

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Black magic: Black magic is a type of magic that draws on malicious powers. Many famous astrologers in Trivandrum offer complete advice and assistance to people to come out of the ill-effects of black magic. Apart from these, there are few other services offered by Kerala astrologers. This includes crystal ball reading, Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology, and Prasanna jothidam.

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You can fill the form above to choose the type of astrology you are seeking. An approximate Consultation fee of Astrology Services in Trivandrum Below is an approximate cost structure of some of the most popular astrology services. In case if you have certain more question regarding astrologers and their services, we have drafted some frequently asked questions along with their answers for you. These answers are given by top experts and will offer you in-depth knowledge regarding the different types of astrology services. Astrologers in Trivandrum can offer you reliable advice regarding various aspects of your life.

They offer important advice regarding areas like business, health, education, career, love life, matchmaking, financial stresses, and more. What are the benefits of consulting an astrologer?

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  7. Astrology is an ancient practice that is known to benefit mankind in a wide variety of ways. By seeking consultation from a reliable and verified astrologer listed at Sulekha, you can gain significant insight into your future events, determine your life path, check your relationship compatibility and take important decisions in life.

    Can astrologers in Trivandrum suggest a gemstone for solving my problems? Yes, all good and reputed astrologer listed at Sulekha can suggest suitable gemstones based on your birth details to solve difficulties and bring in prosperity in your life. What information is needed for Astrological Consultations? The personal details of the individual are required for astrological consultations. This includes the time and date of birth, place of birth and current city. Can I know my horoscope without the date and time of birth? In case a person does not know his date and time of birth, he can still seek an astrological consultation through palmistry.

    Suhasini Bhaskar 8 months ago. Kalyana muhurtham is usually All the wedding preparations and arrangements revolve around one essential aspect ie the wedding date and time. As per the Hindu traditions, priests and astrologers study the birth chart and When t comes to any auspicious occasion or festival, Hindu tradition gives a lot of importance to muhurtam dates and timings.

    Wedding muhurtam dates are selected post considering a priest or Reason being as per Arvind L 3 years ago. Tarot cards originated in the Middle East and the first 5 suited tarot deck was made in Renaissance Italy. These cards were initially used in a card game called Tarocchi and eventually were used Elisa Vincent 3 years ago. But, what if I told you that your future lies in your hands Not kidding!

    It will therefore be evident that the reader will have to go on searching leaf after leaf, bundle after bundle to trace out the one leaf in which all theparticulars concerning the individual correctly appear. To expedite this process, the aspirant seeker has to extend his full cooperation and support because this process may take weeks or months..

    These results in the tracing out of not only the index leaf but also the first leaf of the individual also called General Kandam.

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    The General Kandam will furnish brief predictions corresponding to the 12 houses of the individual's birth chart. It detailed predictions of any particular aspect of one's life are required; they can be listened from the remaining 11 leaves of that individual's Horoscope.

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    For the predictions to come true, Rishi Agasthiyar insists that the individual be free of any previous birth sins. He therefore suggests and specifies the performance of certain Parihars remedial procedures to wipe off the maximum extent any such balance of sins. If these remedies are performed with full involvement and without any deviation, he assures the happening of the events predicted by him. The taken and in locating the right index and subsequently the predictions, can sometimes span across the month.

    After few attempts, searching these index volumes. Nadi Chapter General Chapter of one's life General Chapter of one's life is to be located by searching through the index bundles corresponding to the impression pattern on the right thumb of men or left thumb in women like name of the nadi seeker, life span, future life, name of the spouse, name of parents, details about present profession, how many brother, sisters and children.

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    It contains a gist of future predictions corresponding to the 12 houses of the horoscope. Is also a summary of the 11 following chapters. It also provides information about the positive and negative aspects within siblings. Nadi Astrology Chapter-4v Mother and welfare This chapter is about Mother and Comforts and its benefits and problems in his life. There are also details about the Nadi seeker's House, Vehicles, Land, treasures and general material comforts and achievements.

    Birth, lifespan, achievements, problems, death and their overall performance have been predicted. It also suggests remedial measures for any problems of children.

    There are also predictions about whether the Nadi seeker will or will not have children and details about the same. It also provides information regarding Enemies, Litigation, their causes and duration of suffering on account of the above. It also suggests remedial measures for avoidance and positive measures for achieving success.

    Also contains hints of valuable information about the name of the future spouse, horoscope, age of marriage, and some characteristic features of the spouse etc. Nadi Chapter Spiritual perception , Father and Property This chapter is about Father, Wealth, Visits to holy places, Fortune; Benefit from the preaching's of Guru and holy people, charitable deeds and social life. Future predictions about growth, prosperity and losses in one's job or business. Nadi Astrology Chapter Expenditures and Foreign Visit This chapter gives information about your expenditure of money.

    That is about the way in which you have spent your money, the way in which it happened, it also explains about Moksha or heavenly status, any monetary benefits, higher status arising from foreign tours and foreign contacts. It also deals with your next birth that is where you will be born, what will be your living conditions, etc. Nadi Chapter Shanti Pariharam Remedy This chapter is about past life or birth, bad and good deeds and a series of rituals that can dilute the effect of past bad deeds. Nadi Chapter Dheeksha Pariharam Remedy This chapter is about the methods of preparing the Mantra Raksha that has the power to shield the self from evil forces of jealous and envy.

    Raksha ensures relatively better rewards for one's efforts and success in deeds. Bringing in more awareness into past life aspects, and things to be more mindful of in this life. I look forward to continue working The way you dealing with your clients, and the affectionate consultations and the valuable suggestions for doing remedies really speaks volumes and volumes about your professionalism.

    The predictions had come true a month after it was done, which gave me tremendous faith in this service. During the uncovering of my leaf, some of the questions were very unique and known only to me. I was very surprised that this information was contained in the leaf.


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    It also meant the predictions were accurate and timely. I decided to conduct the remedial prayers and further felt great change in my perspective and outlook. Things that seemed impossible I believe I had a calling from the Almighty to have this reading performed at this time and am still amazed at the level of accuracy pertaining to my personal details and current circumstances.

    It's hard to believe that these predictions were written more than a years ago by the Indian sages. The information that was revealed in my leafs regarding my current situation and that of I would like to thank Nadi Consultant Center and the sisters and brothers working there for their efficient assistance and guidance. My daughter has finally succeeded in achieving a job after being unemployed for 6 months. The Guruji at Astrology predict told her to do a jap which brought miracles during the interview.

    The Interviewer did not ask her any interview questions, nor looked at her degrees and documents. The interview too did not last 10 minutes and she was hired and given exception from other interview tests Now I find a final date is announced to pronounce the verdict. Seeing the development I hope and feel confident that my side will emerge success during the judgment. I am daily chanting the mantra suggested to achieve good result One of my friends seeing the site suggested me to view the same.

    It is indeed marvelous and encouraging and paves the way for an individual to set right the life. Since remedies are also forms part in it. I am sure using this source with certainly enable me to tune my life and to position it in the right track. Get Your Nadi Astrology Reading! Your details. Contact Our Chief Nadi Astrologer Kindly feel free to contact us on phone, whatsapp or by email anytime! What is Nadi Astrology?

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