2020 virgo horoscope love january 29

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So much fun for you this year, either with children or just with yourself. It is playtime and time to invest in leisure activities. If you love your work then this too will become something you can really be playful with. You could be tempted away from your desk if you work for yourself also. The seduction could come from a new love affair. Remember the stellium of Capricorn in your 5th house also fans the flames of recreational sex.

Virgo marriage Horoscope

With Neptune making you misty-eyed in your marriage house at the same time there should be ample opportunities for romance. Now, the 5th house is not the place for really committed, long term relationships, however. You should have many offers, but you will need other more serious transits to make these dates stick.

If on the other hand, you are in a long-term relationship of many years then this position will certainly put the spark back into the bedroom department. Having fun with your beloved and holidays with the kids will also be really enjoyable this year. Take all the time you can for pleasure and just indulge yourself.

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It will inspire you so much that when you do get back to your desk you will be all the more productive for it. The ideas could be money spinners! There are times you can actually work less to earn more and this will very much be the case this year …. The very serious Saturn conjunct Pluto on Jan 12 could work as a bit of a party pooper in this fun sector. What could happen here is that you put pressure on your partner to settle down and make a commitment, or they may make the same demand of you.

He may sound cruel at taking revenge and not forget the hurt. Unwarranted advice is not liked by the native but always ready to dish out the same to others. Birth colors for the sign are earth tones, ochre, orange and yellow.


Other lucky colors considered are Grey, muted yellows, mushroom, blues, greens and brown. Flowers and plants corresponding to this sign are narcissi all small, colored flowers especially blue, yellow and all nuts. In body bowls or abdomen is the domain of this sign of Virgo.

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  6. It chiefly corresponds with duodenum and peritoneum. Arteries associated are ones serving the digestive system, particularly the intestine. Intestinal veins correspond to Virgo sign. Positive Aspect of Virgo: Virgo native is hard working, always striving for perfection.


    Virgo 12222 Marriage Horoscope

    Native is not prompt in reacting and is down-to-earth. Native is much careful about appearance and actions as well. Modesty and sincerity is the trait of this sign.

    Virgo 2020 love horoscope: Perfection doesn’t exist

    Virgo Born is mentally agile, has good analytical skills and ability to pay attention to detail. Negative Aspect of Virgo: Negative aspects about the native of this sign are, being too much calculative, selfishness, anxiety, worry, irritability, apprehension, secretiveness, discontent, criticism, skepticism, inconsistency, being indecisive, timidity, quick-tempered and low on self-confidence.

    Special Tips: Native needs to remain level headed and refrain from overly anxious. The person needs to avoid being a skeptic and not brood over getting hurt. Native needs to avoid holding a grudge for a long time.

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    Our Jyotish Kendra committed to providing correct predictions according to the Vedic system. The entire year, Saturn will transit in the fourth house which will have taxing effects as this transit of Saturn specifically known as Shani.

    2020 virgo horoscope love january 29 2020 virgo horoscope love january 29
    2020 virgo horoscope love january 29 2020 virgo horoscope love january 29
    2020 virgo horoscope love january 29 2020 virgo horoscope love january 29
    2020 virgo horoscope love january 29 2020 virgo horoscope love january 29
    2020 virgo horoscope love january 29 2020 virgo horoscope love january 29

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