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Both palmistry and the tarot have their roots in astrology, as the lines and mounds on your hand have names that directly relate to the planets and celestial orbs. The lines do reveal a lot, though. There are four main lines to look at:.

These lines can have other lines connected to them or braided through them. The way that these lines present themselves reveal a lot about your personality and events in your life. The fleshy bumps under the fingers are given the same correlations. The bump under the pinky finger is the Mount of Mercury, the one under the ring finger is the Mount of the Sun and this mount and finger are sometimes referred to as Apollo, rather than the Sun , and so forth.

The thumb is treated rather differently. It is not associated with a planet, although the big fleshy part of your hand where the thumb joins it before going into your wrist is called the Mount of Venus. Stretch the white paper on hard and smooth surface.

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Keep the cotton layer below white paper on the portion of the palm where central portion of the palm rests. The Central portion of the palm is a little hollow. The lines of this portion will not come out clearly if cotton layer is not kept below the paper.

Palmistry And Astrology: Connection, Differences, And More!

Dry the palm after washing the same and spread lipstick evenly on entire palm and fingers. Keep the lipstick bearing palm on the white paper and press it with the other hand as shown in the above figure.. While applying pressure, the lipstick bearing palm should not shake at all. Then remove the palm from the paper. You will see that full print of hand lines has come on the paper. After that, take a print of thumb from base to tip separately on the blank portion of the same paper.

In case the lipstick-bearing hand shakes while taking the print, the lines will not come out clear.

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In conclusion, if you do not have correct birth data or if you want to double sure about what your destiny is saying, then I will welcome you to the world of Palmistry. I will only mention those points, what I found to be true in my practice life. Now this question is little bit controversial. Because, many people believe that in case of men right hand should be seen and in case of women the left hand. In most of the cases you will always judge both hands to get more detail and clear picture. Left hand or passive hand tells us the root cause of every incident of our life, whereas right hand shows the present situation and which shape our life is going to take in near future.

The socialization also partly depends on the Mercury mount, but Jupiter mount is the dominant factor as far as the recognition in the society is the concern. This mount controls your sense of idealism, the strength of power management and makes you respected among others.

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They do not know where they are going. In one word they are auto directed people with very low self-esteem. A good bouncing and well-developed Jupiter mount means — the person has a high self-esteem, can be a good motivator and advisor of any kind. A long Jupiter finger denotes an inherent leadership quality. The finger gives the power to this mount.

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Is your finger shorter than the ring finger? Feeling bad? No worries at all, because a small or big cross on the Jupiter mount can give you the same result as a longer finger gives. But, is the Jupiter section too strong on the palm? Too much of anything is bad. But, it is not necessary that who has this sign everybody will become a teacher.

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But yes they will be in some kind of profession where giving advice is the main part. Jupiter mount also represents — software consultants, career consultants, Astrologers, Tax consultants etc. Even a cross can indicate that a person can go to a higher degree, like MBA etc. In this case, Mercury should be in a little bit in the supportive mode. It could be any kind of post, but when a question of managing a large number of people will come, then this mount should be prominent with a clear up facing triangle.

It will make you infamous in result. Here down facing means, the movement of triangle lines are towards life line or head line.

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A strong Jupiter mount means the person should always go to those fields where the leadership quality is required. If the index finger is longer than ring finger Sun so it also shows the leadership or people managing quality. People with crooked Jupiter finger will be devoid of all good qualities mentioned above but will still be full of ego.

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  7. Jupiter represents Status. You can say it is somewhat a show off mentality. Venus gives money mindedness. Venus dominant people are very much concerned about their bank balance than all these types of showing off habits. Mount of Jupiter In Palmistry Represents: Priest, religious institutions, teachers, professors, research work of any kind, advisors, business in insurance or insurance agent etc.

    As far as profession is the concern this mount represents creative fields. Artists, actors-actress, a career in fashion designing industry, interior decoration or any designing sector, could be website designing also, etc.. In the case of a career in film industry, Venus mount will play an important role. A strong Sun mount and line represents the sense of beauty and art. It represents career in music, writing and all sort of creative arts.

    A long, straight and slightly fleshy ring finger denotes the same I mentioned above. Here long means longer than the index finger and equals to the middle finger. More the finger longer more sense of creativity would be there in the person. They should also be open to the society to represent their talent in the wider sense.

    If the Sun line meets fate line — at that particular age the person will start gaining popularity. If Sun line is starting from Moon mount or any strong sister line is joining Sun line with Moon mount so the person will be able to make career in politics, public figure as singer, actor etc.

    Just above the moon mount and below the Mercury mount in between the head line and heart line place is called the mount of Passive Mars. If the Sun line starts from here or any sister line joins with it so he will go to very high post in police, military or any department of defense, especially armed force, bomb squad etc. Especially, if these triangles are connected with Head line or Heart line as well. Head line crossing point represents age around 35 to 36 and Heart line crossing point represents 54 to 55 of age.

    Sun Mount In Palmistry Represents: Artists of any kind, singing and dancing, high position in any organization or rise high in business. Saturn is a planet of hard-work, discipline, this is the planet of responsibilities, honesty, practicality etc. Too much of anything is not good. Always remember Saturn is the significator of 8 th house in astrology, so which part of your life Saturn will dominate will take through sufferings. Sometimes suffering comes in the form of learning some lessons.

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